100 Seo tools You should know

100 Seo tools You should know

According to the experts, you cannot achieve your desired goal in blogging until you are not griping on SEO. Say thanks to the software engineers who have made a long chain of search engine tools. Through these you can get a lot of helpful knowledge for ranking particular websites.

SEO tools are basically created for mesmerizing Google bots. By using a well-developed SEO tool, you can run your website without any trouble and also rank it for a high position. Google search engine consistently changes its algorithms from time to time.

This is why we need something extra regarding SEO; otherwise, your previous strategies of SEO will not work further, and you may decrease your rank in Google. Don’t you worry! After a lot of research and personal hypothesis here, I have collected 100 well-equipped SEO tools for different search indexes.

If you want to understand advanced strategies of Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yandex, and other search engines for ranking your site, then I am sure you are going to have something especial below.

1.   Google search console:

(Check your site’s speed on various devices)

Google search console is a free SEO tool that presents your website to Google. Not only SEO, but Google search console is providing multiple services rather than this. This tool is able to point out malware errors of a website, whether point outing crawling errors are easy for this.

Further, you may get proper info for ranking keywords of your site and the back-linking that you are receiving from others. Goggle search console is best for the SERP rating, and it also keeps up to date your text file for bot scanning.

Google search console

2.   Bing webmaster tool:

(the second search engine)

Bing is the runner up seo tool in our list. It also works awesomely and helps you to index your site in bing. Once bing starts indexing your article, then no one can stop your site for crawling. Bing webmaster tool has a helping hand tool that helps you to research ranked keyword. By following the bing webmaster tool, you can easily rank your site.


Bing webmaster tool

3.    Moz local listing score:

(Determine your business’s looks online)

Moz is good seo that is launched recently, and it got a lot of popularity due to its functionality. Basically, Moz collects data from various online sources like google, yelp Facebook, etc. and shows how your business looks online? Also, it suggests some great ways to upgrade your business; people are using Moz and get significant advantages.

After using Moz you will have proper fixing results for all incomplete listings.


Moz local listing score

4.   Data studio:

(Merging data by Google)

Data Studio is a Google consulted seo tool that offers you to merge your data from different Google concerned sources; for example (search console, analytics, and Google). Keep your data in the eye and share it publically. This tool is totally secure; you may work within its comfort zone. For having an idea, you may try this tool free. Now create your dashboard for multiple seo tasks at data studio and enjoy your seo score.


Data studio

5.   Keyword tool.io:

(Find long-tail and related keywords)

Keyword tool.io is one of my favorite seo tools. As a blogger, there is an enormous chance of ranking long-tail keywords. When you put a single keyword in keyword tool.io, then it shows a long chain of long-tail keywords. All its suggestions are very helpful for any blog. In all its suggestion there are also frequently asked question are included. By putting these questions, your site can attract others; and your website can get a lot of traffic.


Keyword tool.io

6.   Google analytics:

(Measure your advertising ROI and track flash)

By the word, analytics seems you have already conceptualized its functions. Additionally, let me tell you that this is one of the best digital analytical software that offers web analytics services free. By using this seo tool, you can track your blog traffic and all the views. The entire function of Google Analytics is beneficial for AdSense blogs, especially. The majority of people use Google analytics to design successful strategies.


Google analytics

7.   Ahrefs backlink checker and keyword explorer:

(The basic secret of a successful website)

Ahrefs is one of the most famous seo tool that is working great. Basically, this is a paid tool, but still, it provides some free services like checking backlinks. If you want to follow your competitors and want to know all their strategies, then this tool can help you better.

By using ahrefs, you may know domain rating (DR) and URL rating (UR) of particular sites. Also, you may find unlimited keywords for your niche. It will give you multiple suggestions of a keyword; also it will know you the difficulty number, search volume, CPC, and other information of different keywords.


Ahrefs backlink checker and keyword explorer

8.   Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations:

(A simple way to track a website)

Basically, enhanced Google analytics annotation is a plugin that works as a seo tool. By installing and activating the plugin, you may know all your blog rating significantly. After updating google’s algorithms website may change its position, though all your score you may understand through this plugin.

It always keeps you update with Google algorithms change; this way, maintaining your strategies by following Google is very easy now. Often people use this plugin for having additional analytical data of their websites. Further, it shows all outsource data that impact on your traffic.


Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

9.  Google keyword planner:

(Know what people want to know)

Google keyword explorer is a free seo tool that gives you overwhelming suggestions for a keyword. Enter a keyword in Goggle keyword explorer and get a lot of suggestions regarding this keyword. It will give you all related and helpful information of a keyword, for example, keyword difficulty, search volume monthly basis.

Bloggers use this seo tool for having suggested terms by Google (that most people search for.) this is a considerable tool for seo that you must have to try eventually.


Google keyword planner

10.   keyword hero:

(A helpful tool for Keywords Finding)

The keyword hero is an amazing seo tool that is fully concerned with Goggle analytics. It gets complete data from a Google Analytics account and calculates the keywords for an organic session. It can collect all missing data of an organic keyword; further, it offers a lot of seo math and learning strategies by conversation.

All its calculated data is valuable so you can go one step ahead in the right direction. Few of its features are free to use, whether the rest of its functions are commendable and premium.


keyword hero

11.   Mozcast:

(Google algorithm tracker)

After the Google SERP tracker and the brainchild of dr, Pete, this one is the most convenient Google algorithm tracker. It reminds you of all google updates from time to time. The SERP feature of mozcast is advanced by which you may know all the data regarding knowledge panels and ads.

It works as a google weather forecaster. Now, you don’t have to wait for any video that reveals google algorithms because mozcast will show you previous and coming algorithms over google. By getting fresh updates, you can manage your plans very well. even this seo tool can be included in your best seo strategies.




12.   Link Redirect Trace:

(link power, trust and analyze risk)

Link redirect trace is a chrome extension that runs free of cost. It gives multiple Seo recommendations as the all in one redirect path analyzer. Basically it provides fundamental information about HTTP headers, robots.txt, rel-canonicals, and also basic link metrics from link research tools. It will be a useful seo tool if you know how to use this.


Link Redirect Trace

13.  Beam us up:

(Seo crawling spider)

Say thanks to the technology that has introduced Beem us up a free seo crawling tool. It works amazingly as a desktop crawler seo tool. There is no need for money for using Beem us up because the developer team especially launched this seo tool for providing free help.

It only works for Windows, and there are not screaming frog type premium features, whether it offers 100% free and unlimited crawling.


Beam us up


14.  Screaming frog:

(The best seo spider)

After seo tool maker twitter accounts, still, there is another option for best crawling. In my research, the screaming frog is one the best site crawler that only can run upon desktops. Screaming frog is a paid seo tool that can quickly crawl unlimited URLs in search engines.

Beyond its paid feature still, there is a free version of screaming frog that offers 500 multiple URLs on each crawl. The free version is not recommended for combo projects and business, but it could be helpful for individual tasks.


Screaming frog


15.  Redirect path:

(Get right redirect path from this tool)

Redirect path works similarly to the link redirect trace. Generally, it is a notifying tool by the good folks at (AYIMA). It clarifies header info and redirects paths for each URL that we visit. Redirect path is available in extension form also; though you don’t have to login your account eventually on this. A huge number of populations are using Redirect path extension for many years and all are having great results.


Redirect path 

16.    SEO lyzer:

(crawler and log analysis for all seo)

This is a commendable seo tool that is suggested by Aleyda Solis. It especially works as a log analysis seo tool which helps you to the podcast in crawling Mondays. This tool works quite the same as page categorization and real-time analysis.

When you browse your website then google bots permit info in your server’s log files. By using log analysis and seolyzer you can collect all this fresh data into Seo KPIs. This is a smart way to implement and you can improve organic traffic. It automatically collects and corrects errors (500 – 404)

Seolyzer is best for checking redirections, the speed performance of pages, search engine guides and for other.


SEO lyzer


17.    Answer the public:

(Research content ideas) 

All automatic suggestions by google and bing are valuable for marketers. This is a platform on which you can ask your problems publically. People will see your questions and will give you satisfactory answers regarding your queries.

A lot of people are using this online public tool and knowing the best content ideas from others. You will have Answer the public platform as best your best research content ideas. It runs significantly on which more than 1500 teams are going great and covering their reports faster.



Answer the public

18.   xenu:

(reports maker and checker seo tool)

Being honest Xenu is the most useful seo tool that is available free of coast. You don’t have to pay any money for using Xenu. It was introduced about ten years ago for desktop users. By xenu we can get ideas about site auditing, and broken links.

It supports SSL websites and does not frill user interface. It shows a regularly updated list of URLs that can be sorted by different criteria. On xenu, we can create an auditory report any time without any hesitation.



19.   keyword explorer:

(Moz keyword explorer)

Seems you are new at blogging and you have not much money to spend on highly expensive seo tools. No problem anyways! moz is the cheapest seo tool that gives accurate results for search volume in a niche. For a particular keyword, Moz has more than 500 suggestions; in addition, we can have CTR data along with the keyword difficulty score.

Rather than a premium tool, Moz is offering a chance to run a free community account. By using this account you can have easy access for 10 queries per month. Each query gives 1000 thousand keyword suggestions with proper SERP analysis.



keyword explorer


20.    Google:

(The father of search engines)

In the list of seo tools, how can we forget Google the father of search engines? By entering google.com your sight area becomes vast. It gives you a lot of suggestions for a particular keyword. The FAQ (frequently asked questions) by google is also very helpful for your site.

All its suggestions are available in its incognito window that will give you auto-fill options per keywords. This is absolutely free of the coast; often people do manual seo by google and use google tags. The incognito information is also helpful for ranking a website because all its suggestions are doubt free. Google always shows what people want to see so, by following people’s desire you may create many ideas.



21.    Keyword everywhere:

(Research keywords inside Google Search)

This is the most easiest and amazing seo tool by which you may have excellent results for a specific keyword. This seo tool is favorite of many seo lovers. Basically this tool is available in an extension form for both browsers (google chrome and Firefox.) By entering a keyword it will give your lot of suggestions with search volume and cost per click (cpc.)

Keyword everywhere is able to run in google search console also. When you cruise in internet and get help by this seo tool then surely you will be inspire by its results. Often people say that this free tool is not giving accurate keyword ideas but there is good to have something better than nothing.


Keyword everywhere

22.    keyword shitter:

(get tons of pooping keywords)

the name keyword shitter is not much soothing but believe me this is the only seo tool that gives you unlimited search results for a keyword. This is a google concerned seo tool; there is not any hesitation for operating this tool.

You just have to enter one keyword in the search box and then let the keyword shitter work. Within few seconds it will show you tons of related search results similar your keyword. This seo tool supports some other seo tools also. Backlink shitter and tag shitter are two main supporters of this seo tool.


keyword shitter

23.  Disavow Tool:

(Say bye bye to all lower quality sites)

Disavow tool is an efficient seo tool that helps you to control low quality links. Often times we our site is referred by low quality sites; if you realize that their referring can harm your site then disavow seo tool will help you definitely. It gives you chance for asking google to assist a particular site or not? After Google’s suggestions you can carry on by using disavow you can remove up unwanted links that referring your site.

First get the idea about such sites and simply disavowing them quickly. I have seen many ranked sites blocked due to these low quality harming sites. For a ranked site disavow could be most beneficial for you even it will secure from google penalties

But when you do, it can be useful for getting penalties removed and some SEOs swear by it for fighting off negative SEO. If you choose to use this tool, be careful and check with this guide on disavowing the right links.



Disavow Tool

24.   Ubersuggest:

(Great suggestions for free)

Neil Patel is an amazing guy that does something seo effective by left hand. All of his seo strategies are very helpful for the bloggers. Ubersuggest was free keyword researching tool some time ago but by the day (when Neil Patel) take over this tool it goes viral. Ubersuggest is a free seo tool that helps us to get information about a blog.

It gives you great suggestions for your competitors that on which keyword they are ranking for. This way you can find some awesome ideas about your blog and earn well by putting some strong content. Also it shows you Domain rating and backlink resources of a website that may help you to use his strategies.



25.   Link explorer:

(Highest accuracy for searching links)

Link explorer is a foremost seo tool that got popularity in a very short time. Today about every blogger knows about this helping tool. All of its features are admirable and sufficient for searching links. By using this seo tool we can index a link with highest accuracy also it can check domain rating (DR) of a particular blog.

Additionally link explorer is also best for checking backlinks. It is boasting more than 35 trillion links that is not easy for an ordinary seo tool. The premium version of link explorer is best but in starting it offers a free and easy access account for all. With the free account you can find 10 queries and 50 rows of data each query on month basis. Infect it gives you adds basic link metrics through mozbar; though the dual combo and of link explorer and mozbar will help your greatly.


Link explorer

26.    detailed:

(Links That Drive Traffic & Rankings, Without the Fluff)

Here we have an exclusive type of free link search engine. Detailed works uniquely and created by marketing genius Glen Allsopp. By using detailed we can focus lot of driving links to all famous niches on a site. Detailed is not much fluffy that irritates you. Further it is offering 13 different types of link building strategies and lot of advanced keyword researching ways.

On detailed we can get 25 proven angles ideas for attracting links.



27.  backlink checker:

(The Most Powerful Backlink Checker Ahrefs)

According to the online ratings ahrefs is the most power seo tool. It gives lot of suggestions in order to crawl a site. In the database industry ahrefs is the second ranked backlink checker after google. Often people do not know that ahrefs is offering free backlink checking feature; that they should to know. Beyond a paid login it offers a limited number for checking backlinks. This is a convenient seo tool for emergency. When you have to know your competitor’s strategies and you have not money for buying a premium login then it will surely work.


backlink checker

28.   local search results checker:

(View search results from any location)

When google wants to aid results from your location, then it is not easy to find out particular rankings from your location (especially in local SEO.) Say thanks to the developer that they have created local search results check by which you can sort this issue. No don’t worry where you are this admired seo tool will tell an area where your blog is actually ranking. Local search results checker is recommended by professionals even.


local search results checker

29.    moz local:

(Check your online presence)

Have you any idea about what your business is being significant in the local search system? If you want to know something accurate about the local search significance, then Moz local is specially developed for you. By using this seo tool, we can get quickly check your business-level through sites. It also gives you accurate site history for different aggregators that all search engines search for. Moz local is a portable seo tool that knows your weakness and the strength you need.



moz local

30.   Google Review Link Generator:

(To generate your review link)

This is another Google tool that helps in doing seo. Basically, this link generator is created by whitespark and it especially introduced this tool with a helping aim. In the past, it was not possible to give a path to your customer for leaving a review (no matter if gives positive or negative) but now Google review link generator is available. With its help, you can send a review link to your customer for leaving a review for your business. The given review you can show on your shop that will help you to rank easily.


Google Review Link Generator

31.    Google My Business

(Engage with customers on Google for free)

Personally, I would line use google my business seo tool for my online business. It really works great as local seo especially when you serve through google. With the help of google my business, anyone can his business, respond to the reviews and can manage listing information. Rather than all these features google my business has many things to perform.


Google My Business

32.   Mobile first index checker:

(Review all the current announcements)

Obviously mobile are differ from laptops/desktop screens. Then it is necessary for a website to make a difference between mobile and desktop versions. Aside from desktop Google prefer mobile version websites for indexing and it really major data of a website in mobile form. Well, we should do that mobiles are more common than the computer so people search more on mobiles. Well, you can your indexing from many sites but the mobile-first index checker will report you on your mobile.


Mobile first index checker

33.   Mobile SERP Test:

(Try the MobileMoxie SERPerator without logging in)

Congratulations now you can get an idea about a location and its search results through your mobile. Yes mobile SERP test seo tool gives you a chance for this incredible function. Now by using Mobilemoxie, you can know all the devices that are beside you. This tool is a help for those who travel mostly and use mobile. For this SERP test, there is no need for any login even will give you accurate results free of cost.



Mobile SERP Test

34.   Mobile-Friendly Test:

(Know something better)

Having a mobile-friendly web page is not easy; you have to manage a lot of webpage settings. After doing all still, we miss something that can irritate. Well, now it is very easy to get an idea about a web page that is it mobile free or not? Google recently launched a test page where you can test your site for mobile-friendly layout; undoubtedly bypassing this test your site will overcome on step ahead to the ranking.



Mobile-Friendly Test

35.   Chrome DevTools:

(Bunch of useful tools)

At this point, we have multiple numbers of free tools for doing seo. All these tools are well designed and these being convenient for many years. On page seo, javascript auditing and increasing speed levels are few minor problems for devtools.



Chrome DevTools

36.   Marketing Miner:

(Get the important marketing data to work with)

The marketing miner seo tool is not a world-famous tool in America but still, it is most essential for European countries. For pulling huge SERP data, tool reports, rankings and analyzing competitor (marketers) marketing miner is very helpful. It lifts you and makes your load lighter for proper convenience. Before using the marketing miner seo tool keep in the miner that this one is a paid tool you cannot access it freely. Additionally, it has a few free features that also could be helpful for you.


Marketing Miner

37.   SEMrush:

(Keyword Magic Tool)

Similar to Moz this is another seo that can be very helpful for doing so. actually, semrush is a combo pack that is featured of all in one seo tools. Basically, this is a paid tool but you still can use its free trial login for a few days. For picking top-level data semrush is sufficient while all its data is accurate. In the free access, you can do only one project that contains site auditing, keyword researching, and domain reporting.




38.   SEO minion:

(Free SEO Tool for your daily SEO tasks)

Seo minion is basically an extension type seo tools that support both Chrome and Firefox browsers. it performs quick function including checking broken links, a SERP preview tool, Hreflang checks, nifty Google search location simulator and analyzing on-page SEO. Seo minion is the most wonderful seo tool that helps courageously.


SEO minion

39.  Sheets for Marketers:

(Make SEO tools & automate boring tasks with Google Sheets)

Truly this one is not a seo tool that works particularly but yes sheets a bookmarking website for marketers. It offers more than 100 user-friendly templates. All its template selection is admirable that can be used for google sheets. These templates are recommended for rasping keyword research, site auditing, competitive analysis and many more.


Sheets for Marketers


40.   Small SEO Tools:

(Bouquet of smart tools)

(Small seo tools) is a web site that is carrying lot of seo helper tools. These tools are old times tools but people are still using them. More than 100 seo tools are given in this platform all of these are performing unique tasks henceforth the name is small. From keyword research to backlink checker each tool is specified here so, you can get a lot of fun here.


Small SEO Tools

41.  Tag Manager:

(Google tag manager)

Here we have a tag managing tool by google that is considerable for small projects. Now you can tend tags with this manager for HTML and google analytics. Further often users can operate this tag manager for hosting multiple seo tasks. Keep in mind that google permit this manager for inserting essential information including structured data. Moreover this one is the most helpful seo tool which can make your tough seo tasks easier.


Tag Manager

42.  Varvy:

(Bunch of advanced seo tools)

Here we have a varvy platform that contains website auditing tools absolutely free. All these tools are tending with folks and internet marketing ninjas. Varvy checks are often are on page type crawling tools that can practice you better. The separate stand-alone tool is also available here by which you can gain great mobile seo speed. Inclusively varvy tools are quick that are able to complete checklist tasks in a very short time.



43.  Structured Data Testing Tool:

(Complete testing package)

Structured data testing tool page should be bookmarked by all of us; because this is most essential for many purposes. Now you can use this testing tool for troubleshooting personal data analysis. It also works great for analyzing competitor’s data. In case of troubleshooting you can edit your code then attempt a valid code and proceed.


Structured Data Testing Tool

44.   Natural Language API Demo:

(Google cloud natural language system)

Some time ago, I saw a debate on “how Natural Language API is beneficial for seo? Well, there is no doubt that this is one the best seo tool that has a lot of advanced analytical features. You may have a free demo by natural language API in which you can test the single page text at the time. try this seo too and examine how search engine views objects, categorization, syntax and sentiments.


Natural Language API Demo


45.   Rich Results Test:

(Check the eligibility of your page)

Are you really serious to change review ratings and want to know the markup validity by google? If yes, then costly result test is especially created for you. After having a passing grade you cannot display automatically your page in productive results in the SERP but you should to pay at the admission cost. The link we have shared below will tell you further.


46.    Wappalyzer:

(Identify technology on websites)

Among all seo analyzing tools wappalyzer is one the most advanced tool. Basically it is one type of cross-platform utility that introduces the technologies used on a web. It can notify lot of sensibilities, including server software, analytics tool, eCommerce platform, content management, and web frameworks. Now you can know about the opponent website that is it using Yoast seo or rank math seo.




47.   Hunter:

(Connect with anyone)

Here we have hunter! This is most famous for the email hunting. Hunter is most exciting seo tool by which we can find lot of email ids free of cost. People use this email hunting tool for finding specific email-ids of companies, brands. It also gives us chance to verify an email-id that with what is associated. You can hunt 50 queries each month free for further operation you have to pay.




48.   Similar web:

(Market Intelligence Solutions)

This is an online platform that gives you chance for rival analysis on steroids. Here you may have an accurate idea about a competitor’s traffic plus page ideas, marketing channels, and top engagements. Starting five results on the similar web are free, but you have to pay to know further.


Similar web

49.   Buzz sumo:

(Find the content that performs best)

Here we an incredible seo tool in our list. This seo tool is available in extension form also for chrome and Firefox both. Buzz sumo can carry a lot of social shares, and it estimates unique content. The free account of Buzz sumo will not give you further data, but the paid version is useful. On this tool, you can do a lot of projects at the same time.


Buzz sumo

50.  View Rendered Source:

(An auditing tool)

View render is a site auditing tool. It is most convenient for java scripts troubleshooting and auditing. View rendered source is temporarily off. Moreover, it was a free google chrome plugin; though we may have entire rendered DOM of a URL. After rendering, view render source was able to compare a URL to the real HTML.


View Rendered Source


51.  wayback machine:

(Internet Archive Wayback machine)

As a professional blogger, you cannot ignore wayback machine because this is the most powerful and free seo tool. By using this tool, we may get all exposure old data, and it can find the cache of ancient bots.txt files. Rather than these features wayback machine is full other seo uses.


wayback machine

52.  godaddy:

(Bulk domain availability checker)

I know you already heard the name godady.com. This one is the most popular domain provider platform on which we may have high praised domains at affordable rates. Godaddy has white-hat seo validity. On this website, you may purchase unlimited domains at one cart. It gives you a handy search bar to searching your desired domain.



53.   Yoast seo:

(WordPress seo plugin)

Yoast is the most common for all WordPress users. Basically, this is a plugin developed by a plugin. By using Yoast you may do on-page seo of your content also;, about 30k sites are using this plugin. Surely Yoast is recommended for every WordPress website. It has both and free version so, it is all as per on your choice that which version you select for your site.


Yoast seo

54.  Rank math seo:

(FREE WordPress plugin)

After yoast rank math seo is the runner up of seo plugins. By installing and activating rank math, you can get help for writings seo friendly content on your blog. This way, you increase the chance of ranking your site on google. This is the easiest seo plugin for wordpress sites.


Rank math seo

55.  Cloud fair:

(One Integrated Cloud Platform)

Cloudfare is a platform of good things; truly you cannot get proper idea about features that cloudfair has. It completely secures your website and application. It can improve your blog’s reliability. Cloudfair permits to make something new on the edge; also it increase site performance.


Cloud fair

56.   GT-matrix:

(Basic analysis)

GT-matrix is a loveable seo platform where you can check your website speed. It offers you similar performance as YSlow, Pagespeed and waterfalls. It can automatically visualize previous data for entire pages that it analyzes.



57.   Light house:

(Light house name sounds soothing)

Basically this is a speed performance seo tool that works as open source. It always being updated for your use and that is a good thing of a seo tool.

Lighthouse is Google’s open-source speed performance tool. It’s also the most up-to-date, especially in terms of analyzing the performance of mobile pages and PWAs. Google not only recommends using Lighthouse to evaluate your page performance, but there is also speculation they use very similar evaluations in their ranking algorithms.


Light house

58.  Page speed insight:

(Make your web pages fast on all devices)

After lighthouse page speed insight is the second seo tool that we can prefer. Basically page speed insight is assembled over the Lighthouse along with one key matrix field data. This data will be collected by google user experience reports which will show your page performance around the world.


Page speed insight

59.  speedMonitor.io:

(Daily site speed monitoring)

In the past speed tool work not working properly; they show different results at the same time. say thanks to the developers who have solved this problem by launching speed monitor.io platform for all. Now you can use lighthouse data for device performance and then it follows time to time and save the results. This is a free tool and you can add your opponent tracking whether on-demand audits.




60.  Webpage:

(Check a website’s performance)

Webpage is my second choice for checking performance of my site GTMetrix. This one is so simple to operate because it cuts performance into simple grades. It also able to show some detailed performance if it found somewhere.



61.  Schema Creator:

(Customize how your web pages appear in the search results)

Schema creator is a wondering seo tool that helps you to create custom code for multiple purposes. All the schema codes will appear in the google search bar for your events organization, reviews etc. now let the people have your complete details by a code.


Schema Creator

62.   XML sitemap:

(Create sitemap)

XML sitemap is sitemap generator platform; on which you can create your desired sitemap. Enter a site URL with some optional info and let sitemap work further. Once your sitemap generates then simply upload to the webmaster and search console tools. Initial 500 sitemaps are free!


XML sitemap


63.  Browseo:

(Examine your website similar to the search engine)

Browseo show you your website quite differently than normal. Once you enter your website in browseo tool then it will point out all things that search engine do. This particular tool can help you to understand the search engine strategies in a fine way.



64.  Linkminer:

(Find broken links)

This one is a simple google extension that can give you proper ideas about all HTTPS status of particular links for your site. It shows you all (404) broken errors in red highlight. Linkminer could be a beneficial tool for your site especially when you if you want get link building prospects.



65.   Copyscape:

(Check content duplicity)

Just put your blog/post URL in it and then let it work smartly. Copyscape will soon show you all online results of your blog that are already exist online. All its results are accurate and people are using this seo tool cheerfully.



66.  responsive design checker:

(Check responsive design of a blog)

Responsive design of a website carries an important role for the consistent rank. Responsive design checker will let you know all the results of your site that how is looks on different devices. Just put the URL and see the magic. As you know according to recent google algorithm a mobile responsive site is must for the rank.


responsive design checker

67.  Smush Image Compression and Optimisation:

(A free image optimizer)

Here we have an image optimizer wordpress plugin that is must for seo. It is able to compress, optimize and resize image of website. After using this plugin you can increase your site speed. At the time smush can optimize 50 images in bulk absolutely free.


Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

68.  Shortpixles:

(Optimize images in a smart way)

Smush and shortpixels are two similar seo tools that work for image optimization. The difference between both of these is image quantity and the speed. Smush can work fast than shortpixels whether shortpixels offers 100 optimized images at the time in free version.



69.  Wondersear.ch

(Get root keywords)

Here you have an admirable seo tool that will help you to find root related keywords. When you enter a keyword in the search box then it will show you all keywords that are fundamentally related with your keyword. It also tells you accurate cost per click, search volume and keyword difficulty rates of keywords.



70.  Wheregoes?

(We do one thing and we do it really well)

Wheregoes is seo related tool that is used for checking redirect paths for URLs. Simply put a URL in the search box and get all the redirect path chain of this URL like (301, 301, 303….). Ignore the unnecessary redirect numbers other was it can slow your website. Similar to the wheregoes there are few other extensions are also available including redirect path.



71.  White park’s google business review link generator:

(Create business review links)

Having online reviews on (Google) My business profile is not good for local seo. Well know you have suitable option for having reviews especially for business. Whitepark is offering you to create shareable links for your customers. These links are free to generate whether a rate + review link will take few seconds of yours for create.


White park's google business review link generator

72.  Portents SERP Preview Tool:

(Link building strategies)

If you want to see your blog same as google looks then protents SERP tool will show you completely. Type a determined title, URL, Meta description and have a preview of a blog similar to SERP. This way you can implement a site if there will be any issue you will automatically notify.


Portents SERP Preview Tool

73.  Headmaster SEO:

(The complete package for seo)

By using headmaster seo tool you can check status codes in bulk. It offers you to enter a list of URLS; enter your list then let it check status codes. It can check more than six million URLs in a day. Headmaster seo is available as web-app also by you can check 1000 URLs in a day.


Headmaster SEO

74.  Chris Ainsworth’s SERP Extraction Bookmarklet:

(Extract Google search results with the click of a button)

Here we have a seo bookmarklet as SERP extraction. This is a free version that gives you complete reliability. Add SERP extraction to the browser and press it to remove the search results. By using this seo tool you can scrap link prospects and guest post opportunities.


Chris Ainsworth's SERP Extraction Bookmarklet

75.  merge words:

(Merge words fast and easy)

Merge words is an advanced type seo tool that can create three sets of keywords. By using this tool, you can merge your keywords with google search operators. It can adjust a variety of keywords by search tools. You just have to generate a creative list and apply on merge keywords for vast.


merge words

76.  Keep-alive Validation SEO Tool:

(Keep your doors open)

Persistent Connection is a virtual seo tool opens the connection door for the client and server. It

allows you to transfer multiple data through a single connection. You can increase your web speed by keep-alive seo tool and faster websites are always rocking.


Keep-alive Validation SEO Tool

77.   botify:

(Audit site with botify)

Botify is a site auditing tool that works straight forward. By using this seo tool we can check site loading speed, HTML bugs, site errors and click ratio.



78.  bright local:

(Make local seo) 

Bright local is an amazing site auditing tool that can does local seo in a comprehensive style. You can find duplicate credentials around your area; further it would be beneficial when you change your address online.


bright local

79.  Clusteric:

(A technical way for seo)

Clusteric is not made for all; I mean this is quite bulky in use. By the help of it you can audit your site, analysis your competitor and can search the visibility of traffic.



80.  ContentKing App:

(Content Optimization tool)

This is also a site auditing tool and it works usually. The main plus point of content king app is that; it can push your site for bold crawling and point out all bugging issues.)


ContentKing App

81.  DareBoost

(Technical SEO Freemium)

This is mine favorite seo tool by which we can test a website performance. This is absolutely free for everyone. It will not check your site speed but also will notify you the errors your site is facing.



82.  DeepCrawl:

(crawling tool)

This is a crawling seo tool that offers proper scanning of each page of your site. Undoubtedly by the help of deep crawl you can have complete report of your site including; indexing, no-indexing, broken links, HTML pages, interlinks and many more.



83.  EasyRedir:

(An easy way for you)

Here we have a sensible way to redirect traffic between multiple domains. Login your account here and type the URL of a site from which you want to transfer your traffic to another. Easyredir gives you DNS information for all redirections.



84.  Forecheck:

(Smart crawling)

Forcecheck can crawl a site and declare all issues that are holding main errors.



85.  Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

(Arrange mobile friendly site)

According to google recent update those sites are going down that are not mobile friendly. This seo platform will give you all tips for creating your blog mobile friendly.


Google Mobile-Friendly Test

86.  Kill Duplicate:

(Make your content secure)

Kill duplicate is an awesome tool by which you can make your site protective with some UX work. Surely UX is a confusing riddle that will keep thieves away from your content.


Kill Duplicate

87.  LinkPatrol:

(Plugin + tool)

Use link petrol plugin on your wordpress blog and get all ideas about external links. For me no follow feature of link petrol is just tremendous.



88.  Lipperhey:

(Content Optimize)

Lipperhy is a content optimizion seo tool that will help you to create seo friendly contents for your blog.



89.  Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator:

(Sitemap validator)

Make an overwhelming sitemap of your blog absolutely free with map broker XML. Even this tool will recheck all double links of your site and then you can remove them easily.


Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

90.  Microdata Generator:

(A new technique for seo)

By using microdata toll we can make policies for local schema markups. This is helping if you want to raise your online business. Just enter your fundamental info and it will be all set.


Microdata Generator

91.  OnCrawl:

(Paid seo)

Oncrawl has no need of any introduction. This is a site auditing tool by you can solve all incorrect issues of a website. Using oncrawl means one step ahead to the success.



92.  Panguin Tool:

(Get something extra)

Penguin tool is good for them who know how to operate it. It helps you to show the ratio of organic traffic; also if will give you right idea for the influence of new google update on your site.


Panguin Tool

93.   Plugin SEO:

(On-page SEO analysis tool)

This is a free seo analysis tool that patches all issues of your webpage. especially those effects on your seo plans.


Plugin SEO

94.  Raven Tools:

(Content Optimization paid tool)

Raven is a content optimization which is especially designed for digital marketing. It is most famous for site auditing also. Using raven is such an amazing experience especially when you optimize your content in it.


Raven Tools

95.  Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool:

(Best for ghost spamming)

Google analytics data can infect by ghost spamming sites. By using referral ghost spam you can avoid all spam of a site


Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

96.  Rel Nofollow Checkbox:

(A plugin)

Install this plugin and set all no follow links on your website simply. Mainly setting nofollow links of a website could be tricky but now Rel nofollow will set all.


Rel Nofollow Checkbox

97.  SEO Site Checkup:

(Check site content)

I think seo site checkup is a complete package for website. This is not a free tool but after paying some money you can well manage your site. It will recommend all pro tips for marketing and this is the reason for why digital marketing agencies prefer SEO site checkup.


SEO Site Checkup

98.  Seobility:

(Site auditor)

Give your site a new level auditor in the form seaoblity. It gives you proper idea for all down pages and notifies further issues for indexing.



99.  Seomator:

(Have a healthy site)

Seomator is a commendable seo tool that show actual site health. Now you don’t have to get audits from multiple seo tools but seomator will share you all information. This crawl software is essential for that user who knows the value of site auditing.



100.  Linkody:

(Backlink analysis)

By the name you can easily conceptualize the feature of linkody. This seo tool will give your proper information of your backlinks that which backlinks you are having or losing.



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