50 Google SEO Facts You Need to Know in 2020

50 google SEO Facts You Need to Know in 2020


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular methods of digital marketing. And some consider SEO better than paid ads because it’s consistent and doesn’t require a lot of investment.

In 2020, SEO has changed a lot, and many people are in doubt if putting effort into it will still be worth it. The first thing you need to realize about SEO in 2020 is Search Engine Optimization is not yet dead. It was undergoing a lot of changes, and without the right strategy, it is almost impossible for one to gain success.

If you are running a business online and considering SEO for reaching more of your potential customers, read the following facts to get the best out of SEO.


1.  Starting fast is a must.


SEO takes time to affect. Wasting your time means you stay behind on the ranking. There could be several online businesses that have the same service as you do and have already started implementing several SEO techniques. So whenever you make your business online, you should start taking steps for SEO to stay ahead of the competition.


2.  Keeping track of your competitors is essential.


Search your targeted keywords and find out how many competitors you have. Check out the top 10 competitor’s strategy and make a content strategy that is better than those. Even if you are at the top, check the competitors that are just behind you. Always try to stay one step ahead of them so google keeps counting your page to be the best amongst all your competitors.


3.  All SEO strategies are uncertain.


SEO can be very uncertain and may not work all the time. You cannot be entirely sure of a strategy working. That’s why whenever a plan fails after you have tried it, don’t give up and try other different methods. Having many different ideas will be the best approach because you cannot always make a fixed list of actions that will affect Google’s search results (especially when google algorithm is changing frequently).


4.  SEO is free


While Google PPC ads can cost you thousands of dollars, SEO is free, even it brings thousands of customers. There is no charge that you have to worry about if you yourself are implementing the SEO techniques. The only cost you need to consider is when hiring a company for doing SEO. Even then, the price is relatively lower than other digital marketing methods. Although, you may need to implement some of the paid SEO techniques when your website will reach a certain level. One of those paid techniques include blog outreach which involves reaching to the blog owners in your niche and have them publish an article with one or two do-follow links pointing to your website.


5.  SEO takes time


When you pay for Google ads, you will be able to see immediate results. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of time. So patience is necessary for success in SEO. There are many competitions out there, and that’s why you will have to wait after implementing your techniques. It may take a few months to get a significant improvement.


6.  New websites will take more time.


In 2020, Google is paying proper attention to new sites and is not willing to give them a high position right away. That is why, if you have a new website, it will require more time to get ahead in rankings for specific keywords. It is just the way now, and you don’t have to do much to change it. But one thing you can be sure about is that your effort will not go to waste in the future if done correctly. After a few months, when your website will be 5-6 months old you did things correctly during that period.


7.  Need to update your website with time.


You have made a lot of relevant content and have put them all on your site. But it has been months since you have last made changes to your website and made new content. It will slow down your SEO process if you don’t keep your website updated, and you will not gain good ranking out of them. Google bots regularly compare the amount of fresh content among all the top-ranking competitors and it is one of the many ranking factors they take into count.


8.  You need to keep your eyes open for algorithm changes.


Google algorithm is constantly changing, and we have seen loads of updates during the last few years. Your website will just “die” if you don’t make changes to your site according to the algorithm changes. Always keep updated with Google’s latest algorithm and make sure the people handling your site’s optimization are fully aware of this fact.


9.  Submitting sites to search engine is worthless.


Submitting your site to a search engine is quite a sophisticated process and often takes a lot of time. You don’t have to do it because the process is unnecessary. So if you have made a new site or added a new page to an existing one, don’t bother to make updates to search engines. Search engines have their own ways to index those new pages on their own.


10.      Penalties will have a long-term effect on SEO


If your website encounters any type of penalty from Google, it will affect your site severely. It can make your ranking low and will destroy the current position of your site that you worked for. So always make sure you don’t do anything that Google won’t like.


11.      Low-quality backlinks will kill your ranking.


Low-quality backlinks are straightforward to get, but instead of providing more traffic, they can be considered as spam by Google, and your site will encounter a penalty by Google. And you should know that a penalty can cripple your site’s SEO for a long time. So, make sure to keep track of all your backlinks.


12.      Google Analytics is a handy tool for SEO


Google Analytics is a must for keeping track of your SEO as it will show useful statistics of your site’s growth by time. You can find out which strategies are working and which aren’t. That way, you can cancel out any ideas that aren’t helpful and work on the right ones.


13.      Other people can try attacking your ranking. 


Doing negative SEO is not a new thing, and a lot of people try that. If your brand is in a good position in Google ranking, it can be a target of your competitors to get you off your throne. They may do this in a lot of ways, and you need to make sure such things don’t happen.


14.      Others can copy your content.


Copying your content could be an attempt to attack your site’s ranking, and any of your competitors can take action. You can use Copyscape.com to check if anyone has copied your content. After that, you can take action against them. Searching copies of your page is free in Copyscape, but scanning your content will require the premium version.


15.      Taking customers’ reviews is essential.


How are your customers finding your content, and is it helping them in any way? You need to ask these questions to your customers for changing your content according to your liking. You may not know this, but customer satisfaction is a huge deal for Search Engine Optimization. They will determine whether your site is good or not. So always consider taking advice from clients.


16.      Using too many similar contents can hurt your SEO


If you have content in your site that is partially or entirely similar, Google’s crawling tools will discover them and will take action accordingly. It might even result in a penalty. So always try to make your content as unique as possible and make sure they don’t match each other too much.


17.      Make your site content-heavy


The more content your page has, the better it is for your on-page optimization. Make your pages content heavy. Don’t use pictures that have text. Instead, make sure the text is in your site so that crawlers can easily find them. Website design can have a significant effect on SEO, so one should be very careful about that.


18.      Plagiarism can be harmful.


If your content has plagiarism, which means having similarity to other content on the web, it might be bad for your site. If Google figures out that you have used plagiarized content, it can give a massive penalty from which you won’t be able to recover quickly.


19.      Contents need to have the right keywords.


Just making content and publishing on the site will not be enough. A content needs the right keywords that will help people to find your site. Keywords can be found in various ways, and you should always pick keywords that are searched in significant volumes. As a result, more customers will be able to find your website through Google searches.


20.      Engagement is a great factor.


Your contents need to be engaging. Engagement of content will determine if people will read your blog or not. Make your grammar on point, and use interesting words. Keep your paragraphs small and use subheadings to increase readability. Such ways can make content more engaging and enjoyable.


21.      Good videos can rank your page higher.


In 2020, the improvement of Google’s AI and other algorithm has been in favor of those who have videos on their page. A well-thought video can describe more things in a short time and users like that. And sites that have good videos can get very high on the ranking. So consider making a suitable video for your site.


22.      Visual statistics can be good.


Within your content, you can include visual statistics like tables, graphs, and charts that can be easily understood by people who are reading the content. It does somehow improve the ranking of a site when it uses information like that. So even if it can be a hard process, you can try doing it for the greater good.


23.      Contents with extra words are great.


Content’s size matters. The lengthier your content is; the more chances you have to put a lot of relevant keywords. It means the keywords will able to bring more visitors to your site. On the other hand, short content cannot bear too many keywords and may not be able to improve a site’s optimization. So keep your content more than 1000 words. If you can have your content between 3000 to 4000 words, that will be the best.


24.      Creating a blog is a must.


No matter what kind of business you have, you can always write something about it. By creating a blog on your website that gives more information about products and provides ways to users to solve a problem will improve your site’s optimization. So take some time and create a blog that will describe your products.


25.      Getting backlinks from quality sites is a big deal.


If you can get backlinks from sites that get a lot of visitors every day, it can result in huge improvements to your SEO. But getting backlinks from high-quality sites can be hard, and the backlinks you easily get might not be the best ones. Try your best to gain such backlinks by talking with people or searching through outsourcing platforms.


26.      Marketing content will increase ranking.


The more people come to read your content; the higher your ranking will be. So, how do you bring more people? By marketing your content. You can market your blogs and other content on social media or by Google Ad. Social media marketing is a suitable option for connecting with more people and engaging in conversations with them. You can also create groups or pages that will help with brand awareness.


27.      The title is the most important part of your content.


People read the title first. Not only people but also the bots read the title first. Not having a good title means many people will not read it. So put your best effort into making an interesting title that will attract more visitors. Use only 55 characters or less to make a perfect title. Quality titles will increase your pages’ CTR resulting in better ranking for those pages.


28.      The meta description will affect SEO.


A meta description is a text a lot of people read before clicking on a link in Google searches. Making the best type of meta description can help your SEO significantly. Use 160 characters or less to make a perfect meta description. Yoast SEO will be a helpful tool in this case.


29.      Wrong keywords can ruin many factors.


Keywords that are not relevant to the content or the products can ruin a lot of factors that assist a website in ranking. You need to choose the keywords that go along with the main motto of your content, and not doing so is not recommended by Google.


30.      Google’s keyword tool is great for choosing the right keywords.


If you’re someone who doesn’t want to do extensive research for finding keywords, you can use Google’s keyword tool to find out which keywords could be relevant and best for your content. It is an easy way and always works if you choose the right keywords.


31.      Getting keywords from others can be effective.


Ask your customers what they are searching for in Google to find out about your products. When you find a keyword that has high volume, you can use it on your content. Remember, going after popular keywords doesn’t always pay off due to the high competition they face. Unique keywords can be useful sometimes.


32.      No irrelevant keywords allowed!


You have a business of selling car suspension. If you use keywords like “buy car struts cash on delivery,” it might not be the best approach. Irrelevant keywords do more harm than help because people do not like when they are looking for something and find out something else.


33.      Commercial keywords are a priority.


You don’t want to bring readers. You want to bring potential buyers. So using keywords that can bring buyers is recommended. For example, “car wash near me” is more suitable than “how to wash a car.” Commercial keywords should be prioritized, and other keywords can be used at a low volume. That way, you can make sure more customers are visiting your page.


34.      Long-tail keywords can help amongst the high competition.


Short keywords have huge competition. That’s why you should try long-tail keywords. They are suitable because they have lesser competition, and the more you use them in your long content, the more likely they are to bring people. New sites should always use long-tail keywords.


35.      Strategically placing keywords is necessary.


Keywords should be placed in perfect ways. You should not only use keywords in the text but also in titles, subheadings, URLs, and image alt descriptions. They don’t work so great, but they are still suitable for Search Engine Optimization.


36.      Keyword stuffing can cause penalties.


Yes, keywords are good for SEO. That does not mean you should put 200 keywords in a 250 words article. It will not only destroy the natural flow of an article but also can be a reason to gain penalties from Google. Do you want to use more keywords? Then make your content longer. Stuffing short content with many keywords is not a recommended option.


37.      Continuously finding chances of putting backlinks should be practiced.


You have successfully placed a lot of backlinks. So what do you do now? Wait? No. You need to keep building backlinks for your site continuously. Whenever you find a way to make a quality backlink, you shouldn’t miss the chance and do your best to gain newer and better backlinks.


38.      Backlinks should come from relevant sites.


You have a business of shoes. So if your backlinks come from a site that is relevant to shoes, it will bring the best results. On the contrary, backlinks from an irrelevant site can work as Anti-SEO.


39.      The sites providing backlinks should be trusted amongst users.


Just like you want a trusted person to recommend your business, the backlinks should also be provided by the sites that people trust and sites that do not have a bad history.


40.      Getting good backlinks can be tough


Good backlinks can be hard because it is not easy to talk with a site’s owner that had a high quantity of visitors and ask for a backlink. You might need to spend a significant amount of money to get what you want.


41.      Purchasing backlinks can be dangerous sometimes.


Yes, you can purchase backlinks from outsourcing sites. But not all the time, the links will be of good quality. Remember, bad backlinks can lower your site’s ranking, and that’s why it is not recommended to purchase backlinks from people.


42.      Link networks are not worth it. 


Many businesses join link networks. But a lot of them face Google penalties. Google wants that backlinks should be generated naturally. That’s why any abnormal action that creates backlinks unnaturally can be bad.


43.      Influencers can be helpful.


Social media influencers are great for marketing. You can pay an influencer to market your products, and people’s trust will increase. Instagram influencer, YouTube’s content creators are the best choices.


44.      The website’s security is important.


Security has been Google’s one of the main considerations in 2020. If you have not worked to improve your site’s security in payment methods and other crucial factors, it might not work well for improving your site’s optimization.


45.      Optimization for voice search


Voice searches are becoming more popular. Voice searches can include long-tail keywords, and that’s why you should make use of that. Use this strategy after making all the vital developments for your site.


46.      Artificial Intelligence can provide better results


High-volume sites are using AI to customize their search results according to locations. It is increasing the relevancy of their contents and bringing more people.


47.      Other search engines aren’t dead.


Besides Google, many other search engines are present, and different search engines provide different results. You can also make optimization for Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines that are gaining more users by time.


48.      Customers can bring backlinks.


Ask your customers to recommend your products if they like your service. Some might do that, and that will make a good backlink.


49.      Linking to your inner page can be helpful.


Throughout your content, link your other pages that can provide people with more information. Link heavy content does better in terms of optimization.


50.      Lastly, giving up is not an option.


Not all the time, your ideas can work. But if you keep using more ideas, there is a good assurance that some ideas will work. So, never give up!


These are some of the top SEO facts you need to keep in mind in 2020. But always stay updated with the latest google algorithm changes by google because for SEO, whatever works today doesn’t work tomorrow.

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