How it all started?

With the evolution of the Internet, more and more people started using the online arena as a way to promote their products and services. We knew that shifting our approach towards the internet marketing would not only yield more results for our clients but would also be cost-effective. And this is when we started our journey to cover all aspects of Digital marketing including SEO, SEM and SMO.

What we bring to the table?

Future Prospects

If anything that we are more passionate about, it is keeping transparency to what we claim (and promise to our clients) and what we work. In a decade long experience, we have seen a 360-degree view of digital marketing. False and exaggerated claims coupled with high fees has severely dented the reputation of the authentic digital marketers. Fake links, content farming and so many ill reputed tactics have acquired initial traffic from Google, only to be penalized later on for life. At GoogleoneSEO, we knew that we had to take the transparency measure seriously.

And this is why every work at GoogleoneSEO is detailed and summarized into a weekly report which the clients can check from their end. After all, digital marketing isn’t technical at all and therefore clients can easily verify the amount of work we put in their projects. In fact, clients are encouraged to cross check our work and ask questions pertaining to results. We do not claim to have the perfect marketing solution for every project, but we do believe in the learning process. And this is why cross verification of our work by the clients, keeps us on our toes!


February 2019

Staying Abreast to the marketing world

The landscape of digital marketing is turning upside down every year, only for the better. Now search engines want genuine content, genuine advertisement that helps the users or satiates the requirement in the market. Tactics that used to work in the past no longer works now, and for the good. Google realized that people were trying to manipulate the search engine algorithm, and therefore it decided to refine its algorithm with its official (and even unofficial) updates. We make sure that our work is in compliance to the latest Terms and Condition of Google.

Initial Stage

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed many upheavals taking place in the Digital marketing community. Tactics which have yielded great results are no longer working today. In fact, some of them could even get you penalty from Google. This made us adaptable to the unconventional marketing tactics which might not be proven or acknowledge in the mainstream media. Our focus is always on getting the results. There have been many diverse projects for which we have gained rankings, traffics, user engagement by not so proven methods. After all, there is no point in trying the methods which do not yield results within three months. In our experience, six months is a good enough time to see some definite and noticeable results. With the kind of expertise that we have acquired in the last decade, we are confident of acquiring quality results irrespective of the niche of the project.

Result Oriented

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