Analytics & Tracking

We will analyze your facebook page


145$ /month

    Analyze your Facebook Page & Provide Personalized 15min Video Teaching you how to make it successful
  • 4 Days
    Delivery Time


170$ /month

    Analyze your FB Page + 7 Facebook Marketing eBooks +ACTION PLAN + $50 Discount off my INSTAGRAM Gig
  • 4 Days
    Delivery Time


265$ /month

    Standard Plan +Teach: Best FB Live Strategies, FB Ad Remarketing PDF & The BEST FB Video Ads Course.
  • 4 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig


Is your Facebook page performing well?
When you order this Gig…
I will Provide you a PERSONALISED & Insightful 15min+ screen recorded video teaching you Tips & Strategies to Make your Facebook Page Successful. Even brand new pages!

You Will Learn How to…

  • Which types of posts to be posting more or less of. (& how often)
  • How to Expand your Page’s Reach & Engage People who will be Interested in your Products & Services
  • How to Efficiently Grow your Facebook Page Likes
  • How to Boost your Page Engagement & PTAT Score.
  • How to Boost your Page Responsiveness.
  • How to Bring an Old FB Page To Life Again
    Plus so much more!

Set me to Admin of your FB page so I can view insights or just send me a screenshot.

Gig Extras
$20 – Action Plan + 7x Facebook Marketing eBooks.
(short & succinct training guides. Titles are listed under gig video)
$50 – FB Live Training & FB Ad Remarketing Training
$100 – 22 Training Videos for Facebook Ad Remarketing
– FB Video Ads Course MORE INFO
– Competition Analysis


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My Facebook Page is Brand New. Is this Gig Worth Buying?

Yes, infact I’ve helped hundreds of people with brand new pages. You will learn so much about how to run your Facebook page successfully, just read my reviews (especially the ones in my PDF just under my gig video).

My Facebook page is not in English can you still analyze it?

Yes, so long as you can understand me speaking in English in the screen recorded video I make for you it won’t matter if your posts are in a language I can’t speak myself. I’ve analyzed pages in German, Spanish, Danish etc no problem.

What do I get when I order this gig?

I will Provide you a Personalized & Insightful 15min screen recorded video teaching you how to run your Facebook page professionally. Learn how to run your Facebook page like a Pro & get setup right from the beginning, it will save you a lot of guess work!

Which plan should I order?

Order the STANDARD or PREMIUM Plan for best value. You get Pro Training from my 7 Facebook marketing ebooks and my post analysis Action Plan. PREMIUM Plan includes above plus FB Live Training, Facebook Ad Remarketing Training and Access to the Best FB Video Ads Course. (See my last FAQ)

How Fast Can I See Results After Ordering This Gig?

Many people who order my gig can jump as much as 20-30 points within a few weeks of implementing my training. Parts of the video analysis I will be training you on special strategies & other parts I might recommend other gigs of mine. Any gigs I might recommend are totally optional & no obligation.

What Is This Gig About?

My analysis gig is not just about looking at your data and metrics as there are many tools & ways you can look at that’online. It’s about me sharing via screen recorded video my expertise on how to improve your page performance. 100% TAILORED to Your Niche.

What are the Benefits of Ordering this gig?

You will learn what you need to do to make your Facebook page a success! Learn how to increase your likes without buying fake likes. Learn what type of posts you need to do more or less of based on your audience. Learn how to increase engagement.

How Long Do You Spend On This Gig?

I spend approx 40min of my time recording my recommendations video and then 60min to edit down into a very concise 15-20min video that is super personalized to your page and brand. I then upload it you YouTube as an unlisted video for you to watch as well as your page admins to help train them.

Tell me more about the Action Plan

Firstly the Video analysis is 100% personalised to your Facebook page. Then depending on how your page performed in the video analysis the Action Plan is Generic. For Example if your engagement rate was under XX% my Action plan explains what things can be done to improve your Engagement Rate.

What's Included in the Facebook Video Ads Course?