Campaign Marketing

We will write a pitch for your kickstarter or indiegogo campaign


90$ /month
  • SEED

    This covers a title, tagline, and 500-word pitch.
  • 5 Days
    Delivery Time


150$ /month

    This covers a title, tagline, and 1000-word pitch.
  • 5 Days
    Delivery Time


200$ /month

    This covers a title, tagline, 1000-word pitch, 300 words of reward sales copy, and 2-minute script.
  • 5 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig

Let’s pitch together!

I will write a pitch for your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, Amazon page, or anything else.

My approach to salesmanship is this: when you have something that you know people should want, all you have to do is tell the truth in the right way. It’s not about your product, and it’s not about you. It’s about the people you’re trying to reach out to and connect with. What do they need to see to understand that your product will make their lives better?

I firmly believe that people are born with built-in lie detectors. You can never get away with too much for too long. Hire me and we’ll tell the truth about your product in a way that lands nicely on people’s ears.

Here is what you are getting:

  • Attractive, effective sales copy that flows and stands out
  • Flawless, proofread, edited writing
  • Messaging targeted at your audience

Can you write a pitch for this platform?

Yes, even if you plan on using a platform other than Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe, I can still write your pitch. If you’re using one of the lesser-known platforms, I will also take a look at it beforehand to get a feel for what works best on there.

Will you keep the content within the character limits the platform sets?

Yes, all the content will fit in the appropriate places on your platform of choice.

Will you direct the pitch at my target audience?

Absolutely. If you tell me whom your campaign is for, I will direct it at them.

What is "reward sales copy"?

This is the content that describes the rewards you are offering to your campaign contributors.

What is your background as a writer?

I earned my BA in English & Classics from Lehigh University, and I started writing professionally in early 2015. Writing, though, was my passion years prior to any of that, and I started to fill up notebooks and tear through novels before I even started grade school.

What kind of service can I expect?

The way I see it, you want someone who cares about your success. That’s me. I don’t deliver writing just to get it off my desk: I deliver it when I’m happy with it. Until you’re happy with it too, my job isn’t over. That’s a promise.

Can you provide a writing sample?

Yes, writing samples are available upon request. Just ask!