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We will post high quality SEO guest posts with dofollow backlinks on the da 82 website


50$ /month
  • Basic packaging

    I will post your article on the DA 82 website
  • 1 day
    delivery time


65$ /month
  • standard packaging

    I will write high-quality articles (at least 1000 words) and post them on my DA 82 website
  • 3 days
    delivery time


120$ /month
  • Premium Package

    I will write 2 high-quality articles (more than 1,000 words) and publish them on my DA 82 website
  • 5 days
    delivery time


About this show

Contact me before placing an order! ! !

I will give you high-quality SEO articles and provide backlinks on the DA 82 DR 75 Magazine website.

Flow: 30.000-40.000 per day

This is not a PBN website!

About the website:

Domain age is 11 years old What is included in the show?
Visitor messages post permanent backlinks with outstanding SEO value.
Guest posts will be listed on the front page of our website for a limited time before posting new posts.
We will not post purely promotional articles.
We will add internal and external backlinks to improve SEO and make the article look natural.
We have strict anchor text rules. Check the FAQ.
We will not post text related to drugs, alcohol, casinos, gambling, and these texts and links must not appear in the post!
Sex topics can be completed, but the price may be different, it is best to contact me first.

It is best to ask if we can write an article/topic before ordering.

Published articles will not have any sponsor tags and will naturally look 100%.

If you want to send text:

It must be unique
Must be more than 1000 words.
There can be up to 1 backlink inside

What is my anchor text?

Whether you are sending an article or we are writing. I can use anchors similar to the following: brand name, site name, site name,,, read more, see more, check this, visit here, this, website, here, For this website, click here, etc. Keywords cannot be used as anchors.