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Keyword Tool is one of the most liked SEO tool for the promotion of a website or social media content. enables you to promote a small to the medium-sized business organization at a large scale. You can use this SEO tool as an alternative to many other keyword research tools including Google Keyword Planners. This tool is free to use for all users and those who do not have an account on this website. So if you want to enjoy SEO tool without creating a formal account then is the best option for you.

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  1. Schema Creator

Schema Creator comes with several benefits for its users. It can provide you with the opportunity to customize web pages appearance in the search results. If you want to customize your google search results then Schema Creator is the excellent option. Using this SEO tool you can create specific custom codes for customer reviews, organizations, and events to be displayed in the search results. Schema Creator requires you to just create code once only and then copy & paste this code in your website.

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  1. XML Sitemaps

The simplest SEO tool is XML sitemaps. If you are not really familiar with the advanced tools of search engine optimization then XML sitemaps are the best option for you. XML sitemaps are quite easy to use. All that you have to do is to enter URL of your sites in the given space. XML sitemaps also offer you some specific parameters that are totally optional and you can skip them if you do not need these parameters. XML sitemaps automatically develop sitemaps for you to upload around 500 pages (totally free) by using Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console. You can further utilize this SEO tool to check recently made changes in the web pages.

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  1. WooRank

Woorank is for those who want to use SEO tool for multiple purposes. You can enjoy double benefits from a single tool “WooRank”. Woorank can be downloaded online as a chrome extension to monitor SEO metrics and activities easily within a browser. Woorank is for SEO and website analysis purpose. You can use this tool to hook up important information about a website such as changes in the webpage, mobile optimization, and speed of web page loading.

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  1. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is comparatively a better option for search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. LinkMiner works fast and identifies broken links for modification and correction. A box at the top right corner of the website pops-up and represent the total number of broken links and the total number of fully functional links in two different colours (Red and Green respectively). Excluding link mine, just a few other tools can provide such information with a high level of accuracy and validity.

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  1. Copyscape

Copyscape is a tool that provides actionable information and insights on marketing efforts and web-pages. Copy a URL or content then paste it in the search bar of Copyscape website it will assist you in understanding where that content actually exists in the online databases. Using this information you can boost up your SEO and marketing efforts.

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  1. ScrapeBox

A famous search engine optimization (SEO) tool available on free access is ScrapeBox. This SEO tool has a special identity in black hat SEO as it was mainly developed to facilitate black hat search engine optimization (SEO). However, now many websites are using this SEO tool for good purposes as a white hat SEO tool. ScrapeBox provides multiple advantages including easiness in keyword research and link prospecting.

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  1. Rmoov

An excellent backline removal tool can reduce your efforts to monitor and control reviews, audience, and web-page content. Thus, it is an easier way to do search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Apart from content SEO, it can also remove undesired links and templates. Rmoov users are required to follow up a few simple steps to remove links, customize email templates, domain reporting system, and add new relevant URLs.

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  1. Remove’em

Rmoov is the quality and a pro-level SEO tool that brings a bundle of benefits for its users. It can remove the unwanted and harmful penalty of unnatural links within a short duration.

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  1. Pitchbox

Like other SEO tools, pitch box has some similar services for clients. Although, some differences distinguish it from other competitor products and services. We recommend you to use Pitchbox when you want to make SEO easiest and simplest for you without compromising on the outcomes of SEO activities and campaigns. Using PitchBox you can monitor and manage, moments and details of various active campaigns. Thus, pitchbox enable you to make better decisions for SEO.

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  1. Outreach Plus

Some outdated and complex SEO tools can give you a lot of false and unreliable results. While Outreach Plus is an advanced SEO tool that is simplest and reliable at the same time. Premium features of Outreach plus reduces chances of error that differentiate it from other competitive products. Using this tool you can freely send personalized emails to build a relationship with stakeholders and generate leads for your business. Outreach Plus has the capacity to enhance your revenue, customer lifecycle, and customer communication by lead generation and email campaigns.

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