Latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends in 2019

SEO has witnessed a massive upside down change ever since its inception into the marketing avenue. Nowadays Google rewards genuine SEO which provides value to the people. While many would dislike the strong refinements that Google has made to its search algorithm but it only makes sense as Google has to serve the best information to its users. In this post, we will take a look at three of the best SEO trends that should be included in SEO campaign for every industry.

  1. Content Marketing: – Doesn’t really matter the niche of your business, there is something about it, some valuable information that can be presented to your targeted audiences on timely basis. And that is exactly what the aim of content marketing is. By serving quality information to the users, Content marketing also aids significantly in all aspects of Digital marketing.

  2. Rich Snippets: – Rich snippets provides valuable information to the meta description of URL. The extra piece of information can help you to acquire more click through rates which would the ranking of the keyword in search engines. No matter what niche your business is, there is something more which can be presented in the rich snippets.

  3. LSI keywords: – Google rewards those Urls which are looking to serve their users and not trying to trick the search engines. This is why it is important to include the LSI keywords which may not related directly to the targeted keyword. This is where content curation also comes in. In order to include the LSI keywords, one also has to create an appropriate content for it.

However, for the sake of getting more results, we highly recommend you to fix nearly 20 SEO factors. Just taking care of the above three factors may not yield you the desirable results. But for long term effects, mastering the above three tactics will pay you off heavily.

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