Music promotion

We will do music promotion to 200k fans on my social network


45$ /month

    Posting 2 times on 1 account with 50K followers on a social network (add gig extra to extend 3 days)
  • 3 Days
    Delivery Time


50$ /month

    Posting 2 times a day on 3 accounts with total +200K users (option gig extra to extend to 5 days)
  • 4 Days
    Delivery Time


120$ /month

    BestSeller -DM to check availability. Msg me to preorder. Other options on gig extras
  • 6 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig

** Premium Plan is SOLD OUT (DM to check availability)
You can choose other packages + gig extras (DM me to preorder Premium Plan)
Before order: Please read FAQs

**Each order it is to promote 1 track

For Spotify Track check gig extras for Playlist Pitch Submissions to grow your listeners audience from playlists. If you just need playlist pitch submissions contact me. Marketing service complies with TOS

Add Gig Extra for $10 to extend plan 2 more days

We promote Emerging and Talented Unsigned Music Artists & Bands to up +200K users using our Twitter* Accounts.
We perform Organic Promo for your new song 1 Spotify track any genre

*I am not endorsed neither affiliated with Twitter

Accounts have:
-Huge number of music lovers, artists, radios growing daily
-Many internationally recognised Music PRs, records label & brand agencies follow us
-1 account was top3 SocialMedia Influencer for a Music Biz World Conference
-Real & Active followers
-Audiences: 50% US, 20% (UK Canada Europe Australia) & rest of world

As it is an organic prom0tion: I do not garantee any minimum plays, likes,views, followers

After order which information I should supply?

I post tweets about your new music on spotify or youtube. So I need a short plain text message (less than 220 characters without emojis and mentions), and your direct spotify URL(link). Optionally you can also provide a max of 2 hashtags and a JPEG file image for your album or artist profile image.

How many spotify plays or youtube views can I expect?

Organic marketing results are highly dependent on the interest of network users in your music and I cannot garantee any minimum number. Roughly, from stats from my regular customers, you may expect for 1 spotify track or YT video, values ranging from 100 plays/views to 500 plays each day

What should I expect from the pitch submission of my spotify track to playlists

We submit to a network that run active curated playlists. Besides the social media promo I do, which grows organically your track streams, the chances to be placed with success on playlists will increase your listeners audience continuously and these stats appear on artist s profile About section

What are the results for playlist listeners for my spotify track?

Number of listeners increases continuously for each playlist if your track is successfuly submitted and accepted by curator. In legit organic promotions values depend on the users action, so there is no garantee of any minimun number. Values increase gradually

Is this marketing service according to Spotify and Twitter TOS?

Yes. It is 100% in compliance with Terms Of Service. It is against both Fiverr’s Spotify’s Twitter TOS to sell/buy plays, followers, retweets, to buy playlists placements. Organic marketing such as posts on twitter about your music or submissions to playlist curators for possible placement is legit

Submissions for playlists curators are free. You can do it yourself or hire someone to do this process.