One page website

We will use shopify, wix, unbounce or wordpress to build the landing page


40$ /Post
  • Starter
         1. One page, including 2-3 parts
         2. Click on the clickable call-to-action
         3. Social icons

  • Opt-in form

  • Automatic transponder integration

  • Social media icons

  • Responsive design
  • 2
  • Unlimited
  • 4 days
    delivery time


60$ /Post
  • Business (highest value)
1. One page, contains 4-5 parts
2. Potential customer capture form
3. Automatic transponder settings
4. Thank you page

  • Opt-in form

  • Automatic transponder integration

  • Social media icons

  • Responsive design
  • 4
  • Unlimited
  • 3 days
    delivery time


100$ /Post
  • High quality
1. One page contains 6-7 parts
2. Improve conversion rate
3. Quick delivery reading FAQ

  • Opt-in form

  • Automatic transponder integration

  • Social media icons

  • Responsive design
  • 6
  • Unlimited revision
  • 2 days
    delivery time


About this show

Are you trying to promote your service through Google ads, but the conversion rate or potential customers you get on your website are insufficient?

If so, you may need a login page. Because landing pages have multiple call-to-actions, they can help you generate leads, convert ads, or increase sales.

It is an important landing page smartphone with fast response, user-friendliness and elegant design. . Because 90% of users browse websites on their phones.

If you are planning to improve the service or product through the login page. Maybe I am a good choice for you, because I have worked on more than 250 successful landing pages, and I have the expertise to design high conversion rates.

special service:
 Smartphone responsive
 Call to action multiple times
 Product page or service page
 Sign up and coming soon
 Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse or any other autoresponder integration
 Pixel and Google Analytics settings
 SEO friendly
 Social icon
 Thank you page

Why am I better than other sellers?
 Valuable price
 Best quality work
Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the final delivery
 Quick response
 Future help

How long does it take to deliver the target page?

It may take up to 2-3 days to place this order, so please make sure you are satisfied with the time of this order.

Can you provide domain hosting and web hosting?

No, I did not provide free domain names and free hosting during the show. However, I can suggest you some good hosting provider sites. Provide cheap domain names and hosting services.

What do you provide in the premium plan?

I provide the following

1. One page contains 6-7 parts.

2. Improve conversion rate.

3. Multiple CTA

4. Any automatic transponder integration for capturing clues.

5. Thank you page.

6. Google Analytics or fb pixel settings.

7. Free support for 10 days to make any changes to my existing work.

Do you need access to my account to create a landing page?

Yes, it needs to complete your login page without any delay or problems.

Can you provide the content of the landing page?

No, this time! My goal is to provide modern and high conversion landing pages. Therefore, please make sure you have a copy of the content, otherwise we can start from the virtual, and you can add your own words later.

Can you provide pictures?

No, I did not provide stock images during the performance, but there are rendering sites that can provide us with free images without any copyright issues, and we can obtain images related to your products / services from them.