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We will optimize your shopify store speed for better conversions


20$ /month

    Basic Speed optimization – Please contact before placing the order

  • Speed Optimization
  • 3 Days
    Delivery Time


50$ /month

    Basic + optimizing Images and code enhancement. Plus one product page optimization.

  • Speed Optimization
  • 3 Days
    Delivery Time


100$ /month

    Standard + Optimize complete website with product pages includes complete code enhancement

  • Speed Optimization
  • 3 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig

GT Metrix Shopify Speed Optimization !!

I would love to listen from you first and then I will suggest you how much optimization your site can achieve and I will guide you what might be causing the problem and what changes you might need to make.

You Don’t need Shopify Plus plan to make your speed fast. You can achieve it in your current Basic plan. You just need to reduce unnecessary load from your server. I have seen many websites which had really slow speed even with Advanced Shopify plan due to some error in the code.

How do I optimize your speed

I Improve the speed by making the changes in the code. By reducing the HTTP requests. By compressing the heavy codes of the website, by editing the lengthy javascript code to make it short, minifying the CSS. Combining the heavy CSS files and by optimizing images.

which gig to choose for getting Super fast speed?

Please contact me and send your website URL, I will analyze your site and then tell you what is best for your site. I will tell you after checking that how much optimization is possible for your site and what things can be improved. If it is already fast than I will send you the site speed report.

Which platform you use to test shopify speed ?

I use Gtmetrix tool for checking website speed. Please note that I don’t work on google pagespeed tool.

Will you Also optimize speed for mobile version of website?

I will improve speed for mobile. your lode time will improve in mobile. but please don’t follow google speed insight score for mobile. because it doesn’t work best for mobile. I use gtmetrix to check site speed.

Will I get same results as shown in screenshots ?

Every site is different. The content, theme and everything else is different for each site. So the Speed of all sites cannot be the same. You can send me your store URL and I will analyze your site and will let you know how much optimization is possible for the site and what results can be achieved

Can we contact you after the order is complete and some problem arrives in website in future ?