SEO Services

We will do ultimate seo service for page 1 rankings in days


25$ /month

    Mini Package Involving Creation of 50-60 High DA Backlinks. Rankings aren’t Guaranteed for this.
  • 5 Days
    Delivery Time


45$ /month

    Premium Monthly Package involving Massive SEO Campaigns for Ranking Upto 4 Keywords on Page 1.
  • 7 Days
    Delivery Time


100$ /month

    Ultimate Monthly Package involving SEO Campaigns done for Ranking Upto 10 Keywords on Page 1.
  • 10 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig

Over 6000+ Orders Done and Tonnes of Positive Feedbacks

We Will Rank your Website for Any Keywords on Page 1 of Google Guaranteed Provided the Website meets minimum requirements,


SEO Strategies tested on 20K+ Client Websites

We will provide Ultimate SEO Service for Google Top 3 Rankings Guaranteed*.

Send us your URL and Keyw0rds and We’ll use our Best Strategy to Rank your Terms on Top 3 of Google in a very short period of time Guaranteed.

Testings Done on 20K+ Sites

What Do We Do ?

1. Contextual High Domain Authority Links with unique and engaging content drip fed over 30 Days

2. Niche Relevant Safe Guest posts :All with unique content spread over 30 Days

3. 2020 Latest SEO Strategies Employed

Please Note:

Low-Medium Competition keywords would take anywhere from 3-4 months of Monthly Campaigns to Rank On Page 1

For Medium -High it would take around 4-8 months of campaigns to Rank on Page 1

The Timeframe would vary depending on the quality of the site. Contact us.

$45/Month Package would target 4-5 Keywords

$100/month Package would target 10-12 Keywords

Contact us before placing order.

What are the Requirements for this Gig?

One of the Prime Requirements for this Gig to work well is to make sure your Website is Properly Optimized. You can’t throw a bunch of our links to a poorly Optimized Site and expect it to rank. Infact it won’t rank at all. So please contact me with your Website Details before placing order

What are the Package Differences ?

For $5, we won’t be able to Guarantee Any Rankings. Our guaranteed ranking Package starts from $45 onwards . For 4 Keywords the price is $45 and depending upon the no. of keywords that you have the pricing would vary.

Will there be any Improvements in Rankings with the Basic Gig?

We can’t actually Guarantee it, if your Onpage and selection of Keywords are good, then Yes there would be improvements in Rankings, but we can’t guarantee it as it would depend on the Big G

What are your Recommendations for New and OLD Sites

For best Practices , its always better to keep the campaigns running for atleast 4-5 months. You would need to make sure that your site gets good no. of consistent links on a monthly basis, Doing a campaign for 1 month and stopping it altogether would make your Backlink profile look bad

Any Important Tips?