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If you think that SEO is the only way we can deliver you the results, you are mighty wrong. We love to tinker with all aspects of Digital Marketing, whether it is content writing, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click Services or Email marketing. There are plenty of innovative ways to acquire traffic which directly or indirectly results in more leads for the client’s products and services.

There are tons of advantages for opting complete digital marketing. First of all, there is a whole lot more landscape to acquire the traffic; social media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, guest posting, blog posts, Web 2.0 and what not. While SEO does yield its result after an intense hard work for more than three months, by covering the complete aspects of Digital marketing, clients receive faster and more sustainable results.

When it comes to content, more is always the better. However, the amount of time that is required to curate a digestible and worthy content can be over whelming, but trust us, it will all be worth. Content writing requires to research on trending topics of the niche. The content can be targeted for certain keywords and for certain demography. Gone are the days when a meagre 300 – 400-word content will rank in Google and other search engines. These days, quality content that gets ranked are somewhere in the range of 2000 – 3000 words. While a good content can bring in the results, the bad ones can downgrade the SEO results too. So it is better to hire a professional rather than opting for a DIY strategy in content curation.

Facebook alone gets nearly 1 billion traffic visits per month. It along with other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram forms the bulk of the Internet traffic for social media. While certain countries do more visits to these websites than others, it is a rarity these days, that your targeted audience does not spend time on these platforms. Running an ad campaign is extremely affordable on Facebook and Instagram. And why even run Ad campaign when things can be done for free? However, you are guaranteed to receive more user engagement through paid advertisement. Working on social media platforms is fun and creative and we thoroughly enjoy that. In fact, good traffic from SMO will also improve the SEO rankings.

Email marketing is cheap and highly effective. It only costs some dollars to target several thousand people of your targeted traffic. With only a few acquired converted clients, you can easily recuperate the total cost of the email marketing.

While SEO does yield its magic if done with sincerity, it often takes certain months. If you are looking for quick traffic, PPC is the way to go. Google1SEO’s PPC campaigns are affordable and our SEM team stays abreast to the latest PPC guidelines.

Guest Posting is another one way to gain traffic from another blog in exchange of few dollars. It is like marketing about your products and services on other website which receives an ample amount of traffic. However, finding good and relevant (most important) sites is often very difficult and time consuming. If done correctly, guest posting alone can bring plethora of traffic within a short span of time.

If the client allows for more budget, then we opt blogging for our client and post quality content on it from time to time. Blogging helps to post a more personalized and opinion based content, which is often restricted on guest posting sites.

What we do differently?


1. We define clear cut strategy

We take immense pride in our research and analysis. We know it is the basis of our work through which we aim to get the rankings. In case our strategy does not yield noticeable SEO improvements, we change it.


2. Efficient team

We love to work. And we focus on achieving more with every ounce of effort. No matter what SEO work we do, it is little crawl step towards achieving the top position on Google. Our team does not shy away from that. And this is why our clients pay us heavily.


3. Result oriented passion

All our SEO work is geared towards deriving a certain result. We analyze and execute strategy based on competitor and this is exactly what gets our juices flowing. People might say that passion is must, however, we believe that passion is only as good as long it brings results.

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They listen! I know IWe have been trying to increase our overall traffic for the last two years. Tried and failed. But the strong analyses from GoogleSEO1 helped us to identify our mistakes. They not only corrected some of our already posted links but also optimized Our content for SEO. Their analyses certainly helped us and today we receive nearly a million traffic each day.’m unique from other clients in that I do not have a team, as of yet, to communicate and bounce ‘growth thoughts, ideas, And strategies’ with. Your team is very patient and they not only listen , but they give ideas—something that may seem unimportant and isn’t even their ‘job’, but it’s been very helpful to me this past year.

– LeeAnn Gannett , Sans Soucie

See the campaign we can build for you

No particular strategy fits all the projects. In fact, a rarely a strategy works with similar effect onto the other project. And this is why, we believe in creating customized plan Digital marketing campaign for each and every client.