We will conduct your online survey with up to 500 US consumers


35$ /month

    Recruit 100 random US consumers and ask 10 Multiple choice questions
  • 4 Days
    Delivery Time


135$ /month

    Recruit 100 US consumers from your Target Audience and ask 10 Multiple Choice questions
  • 5 Days
    Delivery Time


200$ /month

    Recruit 500 Random US consumers and ask 10 Multiple Choice questions
  • 7 Days
    Delivery Time


About This Gig

I will run an online survey to consumers in the US and report the results
All surveys will be run on my Pro SurveyMonkey Account
Contact me before placing your order.


Respondents are part of a representative nationwide panel of US consumers (not businesses). All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided).


  • Survey summary report
  • All response details (includes IP’s & timestamps)

Optional (Order at Checkout)

  • Add questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Randomize answer order
  • PDF/Excel Exports & Advanced Reports

Other services (Contact me)

  • Survey Editing
  • Custom orders
  • Logic/branching
  • A/B testing
  • Insert Images/Video/Long Texts


Can I get a targeted audience?

Yes. The Standard Package provides targeting of common US Consumer groups e.g. by age, interest, etc. (Average/typical Americans – Not CEOs/specialists) Contact me before ordering

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Multiple choice & rating are included. Open-Ended questions require Gig Extras
You may NOT collect emails or other contact info

Who are you?

I have been running market research studies for 12+ years

Where do you recruit all these people from?

Through my connections at a major ad agency I have direct access to a market research panel of tens of thousands of people. This is the same source used by Fortune 500 companies and academic researchers.

Can I target a specific audience to take my survey (such as millennial gamers, etc).

Yes, you can target various demographics, job types and interests with a custom audience. The cost for custom audiences averages $1 per response which covers the additional cost of recruitment and screening. The panel is consumer-oriented: not suitable for reaching business, execs, specialists etc.

Can I ask people to give me their email address, real names, or physical address?

No, sorry. The work I do is for market research purposes only, not lead generation. Privacy is very important to me and sacrosanct when it comes to market research. I don’t collect personally identifiable information.

I have more than 10 questions in my survey - can you help?

Of course! You can add open-ended questions and additional multiple-choice questions as gig extras. Or send me your survey for a custom quote. I’ll need a copy of your questions, any custom audience requirements, and how many responses you require.

What types of questions can I ask people?

Multiple choice, check box, sliding scale, ranking, open-ended comments and more. I can refer you to a detailed list of all the questions you can ask – just contact me with a request.

Can I ask open-ended comment questions?

Yes! Keep in mind that these questions are not included in the basic gig, and are $25 for every question for each 100 responses. So if you had 2 comment questions to 100 people it would be an extra $50.

Who writes the survey questions - you or me?

These package prices assume you provide the questions and answers in a suitable format (e.g. a Google Form). If you’re unsure of what questions to ask or need a professional to edit your survey, then I offer professional survey editing services starting at $75.

How many people can I get to take my survey?

With a random US audience, probably as many as you want or need. If you have quite restrictive targeting requirements, then the potential pool of respondents will be much reduced.

Why is the smallest package for 100 responses? Do I need so many?

The margin of error on small samples can be so large as to make your data almost meaningless. I prefer my customers base their decisions on better data. Smaller surveys can be good, however, when collecting open-ended qualitative responses. Contact me for a quote if you have such an goal in mind.

Can I target a specific town or city?

Generally not. I mainly run national surveys, as the survey panel is pretty large, but not large enough to be certain of a specific number of people in any one geo-targeted area. Targeting large states or regions may be possible, but it will depend if you have additional targeting requirements